At L&S Doors we feel there is no greater compliment than the satisfaction of our customers. Below are just a few comments from some of them.

July 15, 2010
Dear Lou:

It is hard to find businesses now-a-days that will fully stand behind its products and services, even when other vendors and supplier are directly involved.
My wife and I engaged your services several years ago and fully appreciate your correcting the door issues which were not initially apparent. Quick history: We ordered 2 sets of custom made wooden doors through you and your suppliers in February of 2006. The manufacturer of the door was “Equal Doors Industries” from Calgary Canada. L & S doors installed the doors and necessary systems on our recently built colonial style garage. Everything appeared to be well.

In 2009, it became obvious that we had a problem with both sets of doors because some type of fungus , similar to mushrooms (for lack of a better description) was growing at the bottom of one set of doors. You and your distributor came out to examine the doors and ultimately determined that the bottom sections of both sets of doors were not made from wood as required by our contract but from what I’ll described as compressed cardboard which obviously should not be used in an exterior application such as garage doors.

Because they arrived to us primed, it never became obvious to us and you that Equal Doors manufactured defective doors until about 3 years later. Equal Doors refused to correct the problem. However, after some prodding by you, they sent to you the wooden supplies to re-make the two bottom sets of doors which you completed this pasts Spring 2010.

We thank you very much for your efforts in correcting the problem. The two sections of doors which you manufactured are absolutely superb. We heartily endorse your company, its capabilities , its workmanship, and its ethics. Companies like yours are a rare find.

You have our permission to provide any potential customer who may have a question with my telephone number

Our Best Regards and Thanks for an excellent follow-up.
Stephen & Ann Chapdelaine
Dear Lou,
I am writing to thank you for the excellent work installing the Garaga garage doors at my house. In addition, the trim that you rebuilt around the garage door opening looks great. I was very happy with the door that you installed last December so decided to have similar door installed on the new garage just completed this summer. Both doors look great and are very quiet in operation.

The only problem that I encountered last winter was my beer no longer stayed cold enough in the garage. I had to put it in the refrigerator! You may recall that this garage is under a bedroom, so I had an R-17 rated aluminum door installed. It really keeps the garage warm in the winter and keeps down the cost of heating the bedroom.
Best regards, James T. White

07/06/10 Review by Mitchell S. in Falmouth, MA Project: Repair a Garage Door
Lou was honest, responsive and did an excellent job. Very, very accomidating.
05/07/10 Review by Neigbor in Dedham, MA Project: Repair a Garage Door
Responded right away and fixed the door the next day. Wonderful service, great price.
02/19/10 Review by Louis W. in Norwell, MA Project: Repair a Garage Door
Punctual; respectful; helpful in resolving problem; provided various alternative courses of action to resolve problem, including costs of alternatives; followed through with selected alternative in quick cost effective manner.
01/01/10 Review by Nathaniel P in Cohasset, MA Project: Repair a Garage Door
L&S Doors was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, price-competitive, and ultimately did far more for us than was required. A tremendous value and great experience.
12/14/09 Review by Tony G. in Bridgewater, MA Project: Repair a Garage Door
I called Lou up on a Friday at about 3PM. He was in Boston but made time to come to my house in Bridgewater. He came by at 6:30PM on a Friday which alone was great. this told me he wanted the work and was dedicated to his clients. he was very professional and although had to order parts to bix my gargage he did repair it so it could be used immediately, Lou seemed great and I would recommend him highly.
12/14/09 Review by Alan K. in Wellesley Hills, MA Project: Repair a Garage Door
Wow! I logged on this morning nad the job is done this afternoon. Mr. Lenton and an assistant were efficient, knowledgeable and nice. The garage door works better than ever.
11/23/09 Review by Douglas M. in Plymouth, MA Project: Repair a Garage Door
L&S Doors came to our house shortly after being contacted Saturday afternoon. The torsion spring had broken on our garage door, and I was unable to open the garage door. L&S made a temporary repair to the spring, adjusted and greased teh door rollers, and adjusted the electric eye. He left the door fully functional, and orderrd a new spreing for installation. L&S was courteous, professional, and his fee was quite reasonable. I have been recommending L&S to anybody who needs garage door repair.
07/17/09 Review by a Neighbor in Sandwich, MA Project: Repair a Garage Door
Of the three contractors I spoke with only L&S was willing to bid on a repair (v. all new doors). This week L&S delivered to new bottom sections (one for each door) which I am in the process of painting prior to Lou Lenton’s installing them, probably next week. Lenton also had offered a good price on a complete all steel, insulated, new door system. He worked for eth business but listened to my needs.
05/17/09 Review by Nancy M. in Bourne, MA Project: Repair a Garage Door
I explained the problem with my garage door that was not installed properly (by another contractor), and that I had an opener I needed installed. Lou gave me the quotes and know just what to do. He came as scheduled, and in no time had the door workign as never before. He installed a better holding bracket for the opener, trimmed the edges, and fixed the rollers and latches. He also gave detailed instructinons forthe opener, and how to keep the door working properly. there were no hidden charges, and nothing done without my approval. I highly recommend L&S Doors. Wish I had gone there first! Lou I bless you every time I open the door!